Higher Education Consulting (HEC) is a premier practice based in Washington, DC. We work exclusively with universities, colleges, ministries, and agencies to promote sustainable growth and competitiveness in higher education through internationalization and development strategies.


HEC helps leaders in education to enhance the competitiveness of their universities and colleges, respond more fully to student needs, and better position their institutions on the international education market. We focus foremost on transatlantic cooperation, assessment and evaluation, accreditation, and innovative curricula design as strategies for improving quality of education, competitiveness and international ranking.


HEC professionals bring to their tasks a wealth of comparative knowledge, extensive practical experience, and an understanding of the cultural nuances that shape different education systems and institutions.




Our team consists of academic administrators, faculty, and practitioners, who are recognized experts in:

  • academic evaluation
  • accreditation
  • curriculum design
  • strategic planning
  • financial management
  • human resource management
  • international education and exchanges
  • professional training

We have experience working in the US and abroad—particularly in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. This allows us to offer our clients highly effective strategies and solutions founded on best practices, comparative analyses, and an understanding of how cultural differences shape decision-making processes in various education systems and institutions.  


The HEC team is headed by Maria O. Pryshlak, President. Dr. Pryshlak holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and has over twenty years of experience in international education, higher education administration, and program design and management. She has received the highest awards from three European governments for her contributions to international education, strengthening education ties with the US, and building leadership capabilities.


HEC partners with Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development and Knowledge Shaping Solutions.



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